/deɪ fɔː / Browsing books and slipping class

The topics of the day included the emotional connection millennials seem to have with coffee and also their complete disregard for proper retirement planning. Oh, dear. In true millennial fashion we decided to go to our local artisan food market rather than worrying about our future.

On our way to the market we happened upon a book stall. Unfortunately for the stall holder none of us bought any books – being POVO means one has to choose between the quinoa salad and a slightly mouldy Lawrence or Molliere. The quinoa won.


Our dearest Trynity was feeling a bit under the weather, which means that Mike had to pose with a pineapple (this is not a Hamlet rip-off, Shakespeare is so overrated), showcasing his Bree Street hipster style.



/deɪ θriː / The Lumberjack and Kloof Street Hipster

Armed with a greater sense of disillusionment our band of hipsters took to the streets of town in order to capture the perfect nonchalant class picture. Varying from the urban disinterested hipster to the coffee house beatnik, the pictures seem to cover the full spectrum of urban hipster chic.16649246_1228986597138487_8547782885495796792_n

The advanced class chose to pose amidst the hustle and bustle of the city centre which resulted in a taunting commentary on the total disregard normal commuters have for the now.16904588_1228986447138502_540139993340262116_o

The Intermediate Class was seen in their natural habitat – the cornerstone of the Flat White Economic Model if you will – their local. They were too caught up in the moment of ephemeral bliss of single origin fair trade coffee to be bothered to look at the camera. 16836206_1228986443805169_1252333022939908637_o

The mark of a true hipster is his or her (pronouns are so mainstream) ability to inconvenience others while barely enjoying what they themselves are doing. The Intermediate Class managed to crowd the cafe while showing complete indifference.


Fire escape? No. The Advanced Class were most likely discussing some obscure band you’ve never heard of. By the time you know which band we’re referring to it’s already going to be way to mainstream for us.

Not forgetting the challenge at hand, Trynity and Mike metamorphosed into two very distinct hipster personas: The Kloof Street Hipster and The Lumberjack. Their commitment to the challenge was thus proven – despite their better judgement and the weather forecast they chose to dress in some of the warmest clothes recently seen in the city of Cape Town.


/deɪ tuː/ Hotter than hand roasted coffee

Day two – the challenge was on. The classes joined in on the fun/madness and started to show their steel… or is that fixed-gear bicycles? Armed with a selfie stick, the Advanced Class took to teenage slang and ironic selfies.16831974_1228217773882036_4480993053810685042_n

The colleagues persevered in their commitment to the challenge, featuring looks which can be called “hipster or hobo” (Christmas edition) and the evergreen “off the shoulder” Bohemian hipster.


The Intermediate Class was crippled by Weltschmerz and the general lack of realness in the world, and were thus unable to face the camera. All the talk about gentrification probably didn’t help either.