/ɑːkeɪd faɪə/ Why Arcade Fire is the best band in the world and why they don’t need to be mainstream

Back to 2001: pop is in, indie rock is almost dead. Radiohead hasn’t produced a good album since 1997. The Strokes seem to be thinking about a next album. The Pixies are over, and Arcade Fire was born.

ArcadeFire02_0007_3000px MEM.JPG

The first time I listened to Arcade Fire’s Rebellion (Lies) I was Blown away. By the time the hammering piano and distorted guitar (whirring like an air raid siren) begin, you’re bristling with anticipation. Then I hear the lyrics: a blend of anger, lament, romance, paranoia and euphoria –  better than a mug of Resurrection Blend from Truth Coffee.They don’t have to work at getting anybody’s attention.


Such are the spoils of being one of the most successful bands on the planet, which Arcade Fire has been since at least February 2011, when their 3rd album, The Suburbs, won a Grammy for Album of the Year, beating  favourites such as Eminem, Lady Gaga and Katy Perry.


After four albums they are not only still relevant, but they remain the modern act which other bands should aspire to be.

Mirella Gutierrez