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16864678_1229786343725179_7808885635582472579_nMike the bibliophile, oenophile, sarcastic and sesquipedalianist. He likes long ironic walks on the promenade and prefers his coffee to be blacker than his skinny jeans.

When not quoting from The Decameron or ranting about the various uses of legumes, he can be seen in one of the very smoky and ill-lit bars that litter the Mother City where he tends to get his libation.

He does not read Shakespeare, as he feels it is too mainstream. He might be convinced to settle for Chaucer, but never ever something as banal as Austen.



Trynity doesn’t identify wProcessed with VSCO with c1 presetith any of the tags which society tries to shove onto her. This  bohemian is often spotted at Wellness Warehouse where she sips on her organic cold-pressed juice.

She is a talented trumpet player who plays music so obscure not even the artist has heard of it. You can find her playing shows at venues which are far too rad for the likes of yourself, but they might let you in as a satirical nod to social custom.

This creative does not conform and is morally outraged by the lack of hand-picked, organic, fair trade coffee beans in the Mother City.


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You’ll find Marika strolling through foot and flea markets, rummaging for a necklace or a rad dress in vintage and secondhand-stores. She doesn’t do basic mainstream shopping.

Bored of lame dances such as  the foxtrot or salsa she swings to the Big Band Jazz sounds of the 30’s and becomes a cray cray Lindy-hop-dancer.

“If it ain’t vinyl she don’t own it.”


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There are two kinds of millennials on earth :
        – Those who are selfie and Instagram crazed
        – Those who eat  organic foods
I hate them all because it’s so mainstream.
Images intégrées 1Laurie, nearly 25, from France

I’m spending one month in Cape Town. I was supposed to look for a job in France but then, I injured my knee and now I need to get an op. No more job-seeking til my operation in April. I call it DESTINY. You know what we say : “There are no wrong turnings, only paths we had not known we were meant to walk”. I’ll let you think about it.



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Brazilian traveler looking for the best beer in the world.

Deal with it.




16904588_1228986447138502_540139993340262116_oI have a dream: I want a six-pack, but I have a hobby: I drink a lot.
So, everyday when I get up and I see myself in the mirror I’m sad, because the only six-pack in sight is the couple of bronsons Mirella and I had.
But there is a solution. A way to overcome my despair.
I have various interests: I like to do some sport because after that I can go to the pub with my friends and drink craft beer; or I like to  go to school because after that I can go around the city and drink red and white wine with my friends everywhere; or I like to go out with my friends because I can go to the party and there I can drink double Vodka and Tonic with them.


Brazilian guy that likes to drink pure coffee form Brazil and spend time alone.
My favourite coffee is straight from my uncle’s farm.
I just said that.
Straight from the farm into my cup.
Beat that you mainstream disgrace.