/sɪti bəʊl mɑːkɪt/ Come one, come all!

Come one

Come all!

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Are you looking for a rad place to hang out and chillax? You like to have an ice-cold fresh draft beer from a micro brewery surrounded by people who are on fleek? You’ve become bored of all the lame asses in the shopping malls, where you get mainstream bullshit? Then you should come to the City Bowl market.

In the heat of Cape Town’s summer I shuffled through the streets, watching all these posers and basic bitches. Out of the blue I discovered this tiny market in Hope Street. In this historical building you’ll find an Art Gallery which sells comics, locally made sunglasses, vinyls, books and much more. And there are of course all these passionate food traders who are selling high-quality foods based on the freshest of ingredients.

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First one has to pick up a fancy glass of chamomile lemon gin (which is my new fav drink).  After that  grab a „Simple Wrap“. Don’t be confused by the name. It’s a unique and surprisingly delicious sushi burrito, which sparked a firework of flavours in my mouth. The time of lame unhealthy gluten-laden burrito is over. Until now you could only get this finger-licking wraps on markets. But soon they will open a shop in the city of Cape Town. So go for it, before it becomes too commercial.

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There is a lot more food to discover such as fancy brownies, Durban Curry, empanadas or goats cheese and… every thing is sustainable, fo shizzle. So there is absolute no reason to cook on a Thursday night if you can have delicious home made food in a fabulous upbeat atmosphere where an obscure live band is performing. So come and check it out! (Before all the posers ruin it!)

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Marika Wildhaber


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