/mɑːkɪt/ Hipster meetings at the market

To meet friends one has to find a fashionably vintage place, to ensure a good vibe. Obviously.

This place is nice when it has a variety of food and drink stalls. It is even better when a live band plays indie rock or post-punk revival genres.
 Image result for city bowl market
One of the main problems is to find a seat – I don’t know why this kind of place is always full (probably because of all the posers) and to choose what you want to eat and drink comes as the second problem.. There are various cuisines to choose from – such as Indian cooked by a lovely lady who combines Indian flavours and Turkish ingredients (mixed with her close love of Vegetarianism) – and craft beer shops.
 Image result for city bowl market
When you have finally made your choice (an hour or so  later) you have to share your feelings and treasures with your friends. After each mouthful a new flavour sensation is piqued – you can feel your palate becoming mature.
And cool guys like to learn new things everyday – especially when it is about organic foods and drinks.
Laurent Fabre

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