/lækə fuːd/ The 10 Lekkerest Capetonian Meals & Drinks 100% vegetarian – 100% lekker – 100% rad


If you ever find yourself in Cape Townyou should totes  try all of the amazeballs dishes and drinks.

I tried my best to collect the fanciest treats you could ever think of.

  1. Rocket Till You Rock It!

The bicycle tour is starting soon and you need some extra nutrition before you start?

Order the aubergine-tomato-gratin with crunchy bread as well as a crisp rocket salad at Loaves on Long.

You will love the complex flavours of fresh vegetables, creamy cheese and warm bread…And then your ride can start and even last a bit longer…

P.S.: Of course at Loaves on Long you will get the best and crunchiest bread in whole Cape Town. (name drop much?)

  1. Chakalaka – The Whole Performance of Elegance & Complexity

If you’re not sure what to do on a sunny Sunday afternoon then it’s definitely time to do a fascinating wine tasting at Spice Route.

Their most exotic wine (even its name is so awesome) is the “Chakalaka 2014”. This alcoholic highlight combines cloves with savoury notes that give way to plum and black cherry on the nose!


  1. Cauliflower – Mushroom – harmony in a flowery – sylvan surrounding

The perfect place to reread one of the Bronte’s classics is fo shizzle Groot Constantia.

On the oldest wine estate in Cape Town’s it’s bloody hip to spend time reading, enjoying the sun and having a light cauliflower – mushroom – salad while doing so.

FOMO? you totes have to give it a try.

  1. Choco – Shock – LOL!

If you are a real chocoholic (join the club) “De Villiers – Artisan Chocolate” is the place to be.

The most mouth-watering ensnarement is totes the “Raspberry Vanilla & Almond” Chocolate on the Spice Route. And if you cannot get enough, there are more than 10 other fancy chocolate types that want to be devoured…

  1. The Most Exquisite Burger of Your Life!

Chickpeas intertwined with caramelized onions and slices of avocado topped with a spicy whiskey sauce perform as the perfect taste orgasm for an amazing start to your Friday evening…

So let’s go to the Hout Bay Nightmarket, try the 100% vegan and organic flavour explosion and say good bye to Royale Eatery and Co (way too mainstream obviously).

  1. La Petite Moo – Mon Amour!

Fair is fair! And Honey is Honey! Or not? At La Petite Moo Brownies whole honeycombs conglomeratse with the creamy fluid dark chocolate batter and thereby becomes a unique unit of tastiness. Visit the Earth Fair Market on Thursday afternoons in St. Georges Mall to provide yourself with the most “chocolaty” self-indulgence of the whole Cape.

P.S.: If you prefer other versions you can also choose the red velvet cheesecake brownie… a totes pleasure!!

  1. Full Fluid Fruity-Chocolate Flavour for Good Cause

After a long afternoon in the vintage Vinylshop there’s nothing better to do than having a “Red Berry Chocolate Brownie Milkshake” at Brownies&Downies at the beginning of Long Street.

The full flavour of frozen chocolate combined with a light fruit aroma is topped by a huge whipped cream topping… Mhm… and the best thing about this is not even the amazeballs flavour and its organic character but moreover the fact that you support mentally challenged and physical disabled people that run the shop and welcome you in a bloody warm-hearted and friendly way.

Tip.: Even for us Povos its possible to go there because the huge milkshake portion just costs 38R and is so filing that you can leave out supper fo shizzle!!

  1. Not Only “Something Simple” But Also “Something Special” – The Edo Wrap

100% organic, 100% gluten free, 100% super-yummy!!

The simple Sushi wrap can be filled with the most qualitative delectations up to your choice and is the raddest way to have lunch. You can get the speciality at seven different markets in and around Cape Town right now. I personally recommend the vegan “Black-Mushroom” version atly the Earth Fair Market. Exceptional – extreme yummy – far more than boring Sushi – Edo!

  1. For Hot Summer Days: The Brand-New Release of CBC’s Peach Beer

Hand crafted beer is one of the most important things in life and now it has made its way into a new era. Since last week the Peach flavoured hand crafted CBC beer is available on the South African market and it’s the most suitable solution to get off your tits on a hot summer weekend while dancing to the awesome beats of your favourite band XXXX.

  1. Short & Curly’s – Self-made & Caring-Prepared Ice Cream

When you think you’ve already tried the fanciest ice cream flavours such as basil, chai tea and Brazilian pawpaw, then you might be wrong. Short & Curly’s ice cream is the latest craze. The chocolate or vanilla base cream gets frozen and mashed before your eyes while you choose your three personal toppings.

With a lot of effort the “icerista” creates the most delicious and coldest eatable artwork you’ve ever seen. You totes have to give it a try!! An awesome possibility for that is the Neighbourgoods-Market at the Old Biscuit Mill in our bloody loved home area: Woodstock!

I hope you are now totes keen to try some of the lekkerest delectations the Cape has to offer!!

Try it and you’ll like it! Fo shizzle!

Verena Schaetzle


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