/tətuː/ Tattoo

You’ve always wanted to get a tattoo but you’re too afraid of what your mum would say ? Just remember one thing : YOLO ! What’s the point of living if you can’t express yourself ? And what could be a better canvas than your own body for that ? So sorry Mummy, but just have a look at these rad tattoos and you’ll totes understand our devotion to this art.

1. The moustache
Real moustaches are so 2016. Tattoos moustaches are cool A.F !
Images intégrées 1
2. The feather
You are a tough girl, we know that. But as every human being, you’re also delicate. Don’t be ashamed of it. No in fact, you should express it ! The feather is the perfect symbol for that.
Displaying feather_tattoo.jpg
3. The triangle
One of my faves. Firstly, because it’s a small symbol so it doesn’t cost a lot of money. And come on, we’re all povos. Then, it can mean so many different things : stability, trinity, it’s even the symbol of women… So get one but don’t tell anybody why. Stay mysterious. Obscure even. But please, pick  a good tattoo artist because it’s a complex drawing.
Images intégrées 3
4. The “deep, deep” phrases or lyrics
Hipsters are tormented, we all know that. And sometimes our fav artist expresses  exactly what we are feeling (Hipsters connexion). So don’t go further, just pick one phrase you like. There is no copyright for tattoos.
Images intégrées 4
5. The other geometric symbols
To finish, the perfect symbol of your complexity. These are awks and amazeballs at the same time. But guys, just make sure you’re not epileptic before getting this kind of tattoos.
Images intégrées 5
So now, you don’t have any excuses. Go to “Sins of style” on Buitenkant Street and ask for the tattoo you’ve chosen. Trust me, you’ll be on fleek for schizzle !
Laurie Weber

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