/sævi/ My Hipster savvy

I was tired of the best-seller writers,and strolling along the streets of Cape Town when my second hand leather Camdem Town shoes took me to HeavenS – the trendiest coffee bar in Woodstock.I needed a cup of coffee (maybe two or more) to chill.I could no longer stand those writers who were making a killing like Kent Follet, who took 700 pages to built a cathedral,forcing readers to spend R700 on coffee to finish the book.


After two cups of coffee in HeavenS I ” looked at the bright side”of my coffee table and I saw a pile of classic books on it.I grabbed Shakespeare’s Othello and after a few pages I “ran” into a piercing shop and got an ear-piercing ,there after I bought a cheap flight ticket from a low cost company for a holiday in Venice. Just before getting caught up in this ‘Shakespeare in love’ daydream I ordered another cortado.

Back in HeavenS,I browsed through a William Blake book and after 2 more double cortados my pupils were so wide that I could see Blake’s world in black and white. I submerged myself into  Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness. I was on the verge of sinking into  litres of black coffee – reminiscent of the Congo river, but thought it well to test my blood pressure   … which had risen up and produced tachycardia….So I ordered a cappuccino and anxiously wished for the next  Harry Potter tome  to came out.


Juan de Pablo Tremps


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