/mæn bʌn/ Man bun

A man bun is a type of long hairstyle that involves the tying of one’s hair into a single bun to be placed upon the crown area of the head.

You can choose whether you want a full bun or a semi-bun – this is determined by the length of hair you use to knot the bun.


This trend started in 2013, but men have been using the bun hairstyle for centuries. This was common in the Roman Empire, but now the man bun is seen as a trend which was started by hipster. A common hipster look is the wearing of the man bun with a beard, but it’s associated with other urban tribes like heavy metal dudes and hippies. The man bun has become more and more popular and has even become a common sight in hipster-friendly cities like New York, London and Stockholm. Furthermore there’s an African community that use the man bun style (Rastafarians).


So, the man bun is a trend of real hipsters who want to differentiate themselves.

If you are a hipster, what are you waiting for?

Andrea Vivoda


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