/bʊkstɔː/ Hipster bookstores

Have you ever seen a hipster bookstore? They look like  old buildings made of wood and brick, a lot of furniture and old stuff. This is typical of bookstores hipsters love.


Here we find books with elements of pastiche, sarcasm, satire, existential crises, bizarre things and also other genres like history, autobiography etc.,  books that you most likely have never heard of and never will, unless of course you are a hipster.

Hipsters like books like Love is a Mixtape by Rob Sheffield, Friendship: A novel by Emily Gould, Super Sad True Love Story by Gary Shteyngart or some book written by David Foster Wallace.


If you want to become a hipster you have to read these kind of books, but i doubt that you will finish one of them.

Luiz Felipe Vieira de Souza


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